Monitor their treatment and bleeds
anytime, anywhere with HemaGo™ XChange

Tracking and sharing information about their life with a bleeding disorder may become overwhelming to a patient or caregiver.

HemaGo™ XChange was created to allow patients to connect their circle of care to treatment and bleed information in a real-time portal to better promote collaboration and discussions regarding their bleeding disorder.

With HemaGo™ XChange, you can easilya:

  • View details about treatments, bleeds, and more for multiple patients from your desktop

  • Track when and how much factor was used, the type of infusion, vial and dosing amounts, and information about any other medications

  • View type, location, duration, frequency, and status of bleeds

  • View patient and caregiver life experiences, such as pain and health scores or how ableeding disorder has affected work, school, or other activities

  • Download in-depth reports for all recorded information

  • Set patient-specific alerts for bleed frequency, bleed type, and lost work or school days

a Reports available to HemaGo™ XChange users are based on individual patient permissions.

Start collaborating with HemaGo™ XChange today

Once you register HemaGo™ XChange, you can more easily connect with information that will help you collaborate with your patients having a bleeding disorder. It can help you stay connected and help make decisions support better care.

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